The weight of our 33cl bottle is 330gr (versus an average of 220gr) Specifically chosen to protect the beer from heat and light.

A refined design and a mediterranean vintage blue capsule on a sculpted bottle.

Our bottles are mode from 80% of recycled glass.


Respect for nature, local roots and respect for people are key values for “Brasserie des Légendes”, values that we also share at Blonde of Saint-Tropez.
● They promote a short circuit thanks’ to barley production at the Beauregard family farm and/or barley purchased at the farms nearby.
● They collect the heat energy to decrease the energy consumption. During the brewing process but also during the wort fermentation. The fermentation gives off heat, and the tanks must be maintained at a temperature of 25°C, the excess heat (produce by the transformation of sugar into alcohol under the effect of yeast) will be reuse to warm the hot rooms and the offices. 70 to 80% of the needed heat comes from beer fermentation !
●250 solar panels installed on 54m2 of roofing produce 50MWh a year. This solar heater allows to preheat the necessary water to the beer production, to consume less energy to get to the needed temperature and also provide 70 to 80% of the whole energy of the brewery.
●No additives are added during beer production.


An enhanced bouquet of exceptional aromas, expresses itself thanks to a light ad contained bitterness. Firsly characterized by floral hints, mentions of tangerines and white fruits. Thereafter followed by subtle traces of muscat, abricot, lime zest and grapefruit. Finally, the fine bubbles contribute to an exquisite sensation with freshness and enduring taste.

NEW ✭B✭⎮ 4,0°

A fragrance of magnificent hops and underlying notes of lime, mandarine, white flowers, grapes and peach.
To the palate, this particularly delicate hop aroma deifies with a touch of ripe fruit, due to the fermentation process.
Balancing perfectly this slightly salty taste with a discrete bitterness but without exaggeration.
A very refreshing drink with low alcohol, nevertheless, without compromise on depth and body.


The water is especially rich in minerals. A unique yeast exclusive to Blonde of Saint-Tropez.

A hight-quality european barley malt is at the origin of the beer's unique colour and flavours.

The delicate aromas are created from the blend of three exceptional hop varieties.