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Type: Belgian Blonde Ale

ABV: 5,6%

Ideal Serving Temperature: 4°C to 5°C

Awards :
Concours International de Lyon 2017.
Silver Medals in the categories “Speciality Beer” and “Pale and Amber Ale”.

World Beer Awards 2017.
Gold Medals in the categories “Bottle Design” and “Label Design”.

World Beer Awards 2018. 
Gold Medals for  “Belgium Best Pale Beer Seasonal”  and “Belgium Best bottle design”

World Beer Awards 2019.
Gold Medal for “Belgium Best Seasonal Beer”













The water is especially rich in minerals.

A unique yeast exclusive to Blonde of Saint-Tropez. A high-quality european barley malt is at the origin of the beer’s unique colour and flavours.

The delicate aromas are created from the blend of three exceptional hop varieties.





Specifically chosen to protect the beer from heat and light.

A refined design and a mediterranean vintage blue capsule on a sculpted bottle.

Our bottles are made from 80% of recycled glass.

An enhanced bouquet of exceptional aromas, expresses itself thanks to a light and contained bitterness.

Firstly characterised by floral hints, mentions of tangerines and white fruits.

Thereafter followed by subtle traces of muscat, abricot, lime zest and grapefruit.

Finally, the fine bubbles contribute to an exquisite sensation with freshness and enduring taste.